Hello there. Heidi is a special tale of a girl that I read again and again. It begins with Heidi, an orphaned girl raised by her Aunt Detie, who sent her to live with her grandfather. Heidi meets Peter, the goatherd, and his grandmother, Granny. 
She also meets Peter's mother. They all live in Switzerland. But Grandfather doesn't send Heidi to school, and he hardly ever goes to church. Aunt Detie hears about this and comes to take Heidi to Frankfurt, making Heidi very sad. She soon meets young, motherless Clara Seesman,  who is in a wheelchair. And Miss Rottenmier, who watches Clara while her father is away, Sebastian, the butler, and a hurdy-gurdy- player. And she even gets kittens. She also saves rolls for Granny, who cannot eat other hard foods. One day she becomes homesick, and tries to go home. But Miss Rottenmier finds her and orders Sebastian to take Heidi to her room. Spoilsport. But then, Mr. Seesman comes home! Hurrah for Clara! Then, strange things start to happen. Every morning, the front door was found open, even though it had been locked the night before. Dr. Gatson comes and finds out it is Heidi that has opened the door in her sleep! He also finds out she wants to go back to Switzerland and Grandfather very badly. He tells Mr. Seesman that it is Heidi and he thinks that she should go back to Grandfather. Clara doesn't like this, but her father promises that they can visit Heidi as soon as possible. And next summer, they do. Mr. Seesman says that Clara can stay for a whole month while he goes back to Frankfurt. And poor Peter is so jealous of Heidi's relationship with Clara, that he pushes her wheelchair down the hill!!! Heidi and Clara are horrified. Heidi thinks it was the wind. But Clara soon learns how to walk thanks to Heidi and the guilty Peter. Later, Peter confesses and gets a penny a week from then on! Strange. Well, that is Heidi's tale. Not the whole tale, but you get my point........Don't you? Well, I can't write anymore. I must look at my mother's blog. Goodbye! 

Hello once more! This blog is about the second book in the Elsie Dinsmore series. I have 12 of them and I enjoy them quite a bit. I've read three of them and yesterday I read the 1st chapter of the 4th Elsie Dinsmore book: Elsie's Womanhood. I chose to skip the 1st Elsie Dinsmore book because it was, oh, so depressing. It broke my heart when I read it. But, the next book was a bit less depressing. Here is my favorite part from the 2 book: 'Oh, papa! I'm so glad we're home!' exclaimed Elsie. 'Yes, dear. I'm glad too. That was not a good vacation,' replied her father. 'Elsie, do you think I should marry again? Assuming you need a mother is a thing I do every day!' Elsie laughed. 'But of course, Papa! I need a mother as much as you need a wife!' Her father smiled. 'I love you, Elsie,' he said. 'I love you as well, Papa,' she said. That is my favorite part of the book. Also in the book, Elsie's rude uncle, Arthur, pushes her down a hill! (Just so you know, Arthur is a boy!) She hurts her foot and her back aches. Arthur, however, is locked in his room until he can be sent to school, away from the place he can harm Elsie. He pushed her down the hill because earlier he had asked her for money and she had said no. The Roman numerals they use are easy to read: I = 1 
V = 5 and X = 10. I use them myself sometimes. But, I am sorry to say, that this is where the bus stops. In my next blog, you'll learn a little history. Goodbye!