Hi sweetheart!  This is from your Mommy & Daddy!  We thought that since God had given you such an incredible gift with writing, you deserved an outlet for that creativity.  So for your birthday, you get your very own blog!  May God bless you with the gifts He has given you.  May you use those gifts to honor Him and to bring joy to others.  We love you!  - Mommy & Daddy!


Lynnett Ratchford
03/08/2015 4:45pm

Happy Birthday, Lulu! Big Doug and I wish you a very special day, a year filled with blessings and a grand time on your blog. It's an appropriate gift for the extraordinary reader/writer that your are. We are looking forward to reading your blog.
God bless,
Granett and Big Doug

Carla Thomas
03/08/2015 8:56pm

Happy Birthday LuLu. I am so excited about your blog. May God give you great adventures and insight as we get to see what He is doing through your eyes and words.

04/20/2015 8:15pm

Thanks Grandma!

03/08/2015 10:36pm

Happy birthday Lulu & thanks for an amazing read!! Look forward to many more!!

Christine Fahs
03/09/2015 12:35am

Happy birthday sweet Lulu! I will share your writings with Sophia. Xoxo, Christine aka Marianne as your mom and dad refer to me ;)


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